Josh Hammer

Joshua Abram John Hinds Hammer lived in Houston, TX and Tempe, AZ, working in several diverse fields, from the food industry to the travel industry, before earning his bachelor’s in biomedical engineering from Arizona State University. During his time at Arizona State he developed a keen personal interest in tissue engineering. He participated in research at St. Louis University as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates and spent a summer at Stanford University developing a novel fiber-like porogen/cell delivery mechanism in the laboratory of Dr. Fan Yang. Currently, he is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and a Dean’s Graduate Fellow at Duke University, where he is pursuing a PhD in the laboratory of Dr. Jennifer West. His research interests lie in enhancing the functionality of our biomimetic poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel platform to include MMP regulation and temporal modulation of physical and chemical cell signals to direct cell phenotype and promote tissue generation in vitro. In his free time he enjoys cooking, baking bread, making pasta, brewing beer and sake, making cheese, playing board games, and learning way too much about music, books, movies, video games, and tv shows.



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