Laila Roudsari

Laila Roudsari grew up in Charleston, SC and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering with honors from Clemson University.  During her time there she was actively involved in research in tissue engineering and biomaterials, working in the laboratory of Karen Burg for 1 year and on a multidisciplinary team-based research project under the direction of Drs. Jiro Nagatomi and Dan Simionescu for over 2 years.  She also spent a summer in the NSF REU program in the West lab in 2009 and has returned to the lab for her doctoral work. 

She is currently an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, and her research focuses on building a model of tumor angiogenesis in a biomimetic hydrogel system and studying matrix influences on model lung cancer cells.  Laila is an avid long distance runner and enjoys crafting, playing the cello, and photography in her spare time.


Gill BJ, Gibbons DL, Roudsari LC, Saik JE, Rizvi ZH, Roybal JD, Kurie JM, West JL. "A synthetic matrix with independently tunable biochemistry and mechanical properties to study epithelial morphogenesis and EMT in a lung adenocarcinoma model." Cancer Res. 2012 Sep 4.

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