Laser Scanning Lithography for Surface Micropatterning on Hydrogels

TitleLaser Scanning Lithography for Surface Micropatterning on Hydrogels
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsHahn, MS, Miller, JS, West, JL
JournalAdvanced Materials
Pagination2939 - 2942
Date Published12/2005
Keywordscells; hydrogels; lithography; Micropattern; patterning; photofabrication; poly(ethylene glycol); Tissue Engineering

A versatile confocal-based laser scanning lithographic method for controlled, high-fidelity two-dimensional and three-dimensional surface patterning of deformable, solvated, photoactive substrates is presented (see Figure; scale bars represent 200 mu m). Patterned substrates functionalized with gradients of different cell-adhesive ligands can be fabricated, providing a tool for investigating cell-biomaterial interactions and the structure-function relationships of tissues.

Short TitleAdv Mater
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